January 15, 2017

  1. Due to technical difficulties with the production of Tales From the Old New Land, there will not be an episode of Literally This Week this week.

Here is the top literary news of the week:

For the New York Times Bestseller List, Sales for the week ending Jan 7th

Combined Print & Ebook Fiction

1. The Mistress by Danielle Steel

2. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Hardcover Fiction

1. The Mistress

2. Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks

eBook Fiction

1. Below the Belt by Stuart Woods

2. The Mistress

Paperback Trade Fiction

1. A Dog’s Purpose

2. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Paperback Mass Market Fiction

1. Sweet Tomorrows by Debbie Macomber

2. The Murder House by James Patterson and David Ellis

Combined Print & eBook Nonfiction

1. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

2. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Hardcover Nonfiction

1. Hillbilly Elegy

2. The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Paperback Nonfiction

1. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

2. Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Ebook Nonfiction

1. The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston

2. Hillbilly Elegy

Young Adult eBook

1. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

2. The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

Young Adult Hardcover

  1. Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken
  2. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Young Adult Paperback

  1. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  2. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

And now for the home report

This past week, we announced that Will This Be on the Final? by Bianca Palmisano was the aois21 bestseller for December 2016. Additionally James D. King was the bestselling author for 2016 and his book HIVE: First Contact was the bestselling title for the year at aois21. Sign up for the weekly email at aois21.com and Facebook.com/aois21 to stay ahead of the news!

We continued the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Paul Dickinson Russell’s fantasy epic The Will of the Magi which has reached its ultimate goal of $1,600. The campaign will help Paul cover the editing and design costs for his book and hopefully also cover production and advertising costs as well. Visit the Publish Me! page on media.aois21.com or igg.me/at/aois21. Here are contributors from this week that helped put us over the top:

On Thursday night the Sexed Vexed Perplexed podcast was replayed on WDLS Internet Radio. The Modern Whore, Aylin Vega, will be appearing weekly, Thursday nights at 10 ET, with a live episode coming up January 26th. Visit www.wdlsradio.net or news.aois21.com for more information

Due to illness and production delays, the Creative Speaking video series and Tales From the Old New Land podcast will be released shortly.

In the week ahead, we will be releasing the cover art for an upcoming aois21 title and launching the preorder campaign.

We will continue the Indiegogo campaign for Paul Dickinson Russell’s fantasy epic The Will of the Magi. We will making updates throughout the week and may release additional Footnote episodes of the Publish Me! podcast as big news happens, including the week in review on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the next episode of Passion on the Page will be released. aois21 Creative and poet Michael B. Judkins will be reading his final entry for the series. The poem “I Stand” is from his collection Interlude to Sentimental Me! Find the Passion on the Page podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, and media.aois21.com.

On Wednesday, the next episode of the Sexed Vexed Perplexed with the Modern Whore podcast will be released. Host Aylin Vega will be discussing whether it is a good idea to put out early on in a relationship. This podcast is available every other Wednesday on Podomatic, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, GooglePlay and media.aois21.com, and Thursdays on WDLSradio.net

Also this week, we will release the latest episode of the Creative Speaking video series. aois21 Creative Michael B. Judkins returns for part 4 of his author interview. Find that series on the aois21 Youtube channel and media.aois21.com

And the next edition of Tales From the Old New Land will be released. A.C. Charlap returns to read the tale Microaggresions and an interview with the father of disgruntled contributor Herbert Swamley. Find Tales from the Old New land on Podomatic, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play and media.aois21.com

This episode is sponsored by the Indiegogo campaign for The Will of the Magi by Paul Dickinson Russell. Running now through January 21st, we are raising money to edit, design, and print Russell’s fantasy epic. Visit indiegogo.com and show your support. 

It is also brought to you by Tales From the Old New Land, the newest podcast series from the aois21 podcast network. This series by A.C. Charlap includes storytelling, interviews, music and humor in a unique view of Jewish Culture in Baltimore. Find it monthly on Podomatic, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, and media.aois21.com.

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