aois21 signs Evan Tucker as 14 th Creative

Definition of Creative expanded to embrace new media

Mount Vernon, VA – aois21 media, LLC announced today the signing of Evan Tucker as an aois21 Creative. Tucker has been working with aois21 over the past few months on his audiobook Tales From the Old New Land, being released as a podcast series.

In aois21’s transition into an independent media company, the decision was made to expand the definition of Creative beyond writers. Tucker is the first such Creative as all of his work is being output through audio production. While Tales From the Old New Land is Tucker’s primary project, he is also working on the history podcast It’s Not Even Past, and is currently recording a to limited-run educational podcasts, launching soon.

Evan Tucker is a columnist for the Baltimore Jewish Times and holds a degree with University Honors in music composition from American University. For six years he was director of the chorus: Kol Rinah, at Chizuk Amuno Congregation, and is currently working on a project in which he composes music for all 150 Biblical Psalms. He is the lead singer of the band: Schmear Campaign, which is Baltimore’s only band to play songs whose lyrics are exclusively in Yiddish.  Evan Tucker says, "If you're listening to this podcast, I would imagine you're here because you're already quite fond of music, but you also want to understand more about it. What's most extraordinary about music is that it can be enjoyed as music, but we can also associate as many concepts with music as the human mind can conceive. The reason that music has such a universal appeal for so many people is that it has this dual-concept, it can both be appreciated as nothing more than pleasant sounds, and that these pleasant sounds have infinities of meanings behind them.

“Evan brings some much-needed humor to the aois21 stable, and we’re thrilled to welcome Him,” said Corey Parker, aois21’s chief of publishing. “He’s a perfectionist and won’t settle for anything less than a perfect product, and he metes out levity and gravitas in equal measure.”