aois21 introduces ePress21 imprint for self-publishers

MOUNT VERNON, VA - With NaNoWriMo 2015 coming to a close, aois21 publishing is rolling out a new imprint specifically for self-publishers, ePress21. ePress21, found at, is an expansion on the previous services offered by aois21 and includes an imprint name separate from aois21, without the contract.

ePress21 is an extension of the promise set out by aois21 to give more people the chance to become published authors. It is an imprint, plain and simple, specifically created for self-publishers. If you want to work with ePress21 and use one of the publishing packages, your ISBN will bear the ePress21 imprint.

You choose how much assistance you want based on your particular needs. The full staff of writers, designers, and conversion specialists are available to you, plus the added bonus of exposure.

The key to getting your book out there is grabbing attention and through search engine optimization. Under the ePress21 name, we will help you build that exposure with organic social media outreach. We can advise you on events, advertising, and other social media promotions. We can use our social media platforms—Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest—to improve your hits and give you more exposure in the digital landscape.

We can also help you with distribution, advising you on distributors to use or even taking that on for you—for a low rate per sale rather than an upfront fee.

You retain the copyright. You retain your full publishing rights. If your book takes off, you owe ePress21 nothing more.

Now that is the real departure. ePress21 is a part of aois21, but it is not the same. When you come to ePress21, you may be approached to be an aois21 Creative if your manuscript could fit within the aois21 catalog, but it is not a guarantee. While aois21 is looking for certain types of authors, ePress21 is open to absolutely everyone.

Check out and the available publishing packages and find the deal that is right for you. You are only limited by your own imagination. We can break down the only barriers that stand between you and being a published author.

Everyone has a story, and we want to help tell it. Additional services will be rolled out throughout the month, including a monthly webinar, paired with the monthly Q&A, ask aois21 on the 21st.

ePublishing is the future, and at ePress21, we know how to make it work for you.

ePress21: No one can stop you from telling your story