aois21 publishing partners with distributor Ganxy

                      Rockville, MD company will provide high-quality versions of aois21 titles

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announced today a partnership with the online sales site Ganxy to provide an additional outlet to reach readers.

From the Ganxy website,

“Ganxy partners with publishers to automate discovery, sales, and delivery of digital content, both online and off. Our mission is to build a better world for content creators, empowering the creative process from curators all the way to readers. We do this by increasing the number of places you can sell your digital content and providing the architecture for the communities around content to grow.”

Ganxy organizes each book into individual campaigns and allows sellers to bundle books together at discounts. All of the aois21 titles are now available, with previews and promotional videos when they exist. The aois21 annual is also available digitally in a bundle for both editions.

The site recently was in the news (including on Literally This Week) for their beta test of bulk sales. Several aois21 titles are available on this test, allowing customers to purchase multiple copies and share with friends, family, or others.

"Ganxy got our attention with the beta test of bulk sales,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s publisher. "We are constantly on the lookout for new distributors and access points to get our titles in front of readers. Their system was incredibly easy to use, and we look forward to having all our titles on their site for years to come."