aois21 video stepping up

New division will grow YouTube and other video offerings

As part of the reorganization spawned by the change to aois21 media, aois21 is now built on the pillars of books, podcasts, and video series. The new aois21 video is a division built on the section of outreach where aois21 was lacking. Previously, aois21 had two video series we were actively promoting, Creative Speaking (released on the 14th of each month) and the ask aois21 webcast (recorded and released on the 21st of each month). With this month's edition, ask aois21 also welcomed questions on podcasting and video series.

As of today we are adding two new series. Each will soon have their own page on the aois21 website:

  • aois21 Live - Our event web series featuring live video recorded at readings, book signings, festivals, and other events. Recent additions include the aois21 third birthday extravaganza, and footage from the Gaithersburg Book Festival.
  • aois21 Unboxed - As a media company, we receive a lot of items in the mail, from fresh book orders to new marketing merchandise. We have shared with you as these new items have arrived and several more videos will be posted soon.

To further grow our video content, we will be adding video editions of aois21 podcast series, continuing what we already started with Publish Me! and Passion on the Page. Publish Me!'s separate YouTube channel will no longer be updated. All upcoming episodes will be posted directly to the aois21 channel.

This is just the beginning for aois21 video, as we look to produce book trailers and have more video programs recorded at events. To that end, if you have any interest in producing new video content or have something in mind, we are looking for a Chief of Video Production.

Visit the aois21 YouTube channel today to check out any of our new content as we endeavor to tell stories in new and innovative ways!