Athridge leads in November

Local events drive sales in aftermath of midterm elections

Thomas P. Athridge's American Presidents at War was the bestselling aois21 title for the month of November, driven by the Midterm elections and local events in the DC area. More events will be scheduled in the coming months, including one this past week at Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Md. Additionally, copies can now be found at The Spiral Bookcase in Philadelphia.
Overall it was steady month of sales, though one market has shut its doors. Ganxy, the online platform that allowed bundling of titles and special sales, decided to end operations at the close of November. aois21 reached out to the staff through Twitter and thanked them for their support over the past two years.
Though Ganxy is gone, you can still get great deals and support the authors directly by shopping for titles at the aois21 market today!

In other news . . .

  • The Literally This Week podcast is taking a hiatus for the holidays and will return in the new year.

  • aois21 audio is still looking for new or experienced audio engineers interested in joining our team.

  • Te #GiveABook campaign continues this week with Poetry Open-Mic at Walls of Books in Washington, DC, featuring the poetry of Robert Frost.

  • This month's ePress21 Webinar and Ask aois21 on the 21st are cancelled due to conflict with the poetry event.