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aois21 media taking podcast to internet radio

BlogTalkRadio will make aois21 podcasts available daily with new “aois21 presents”

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 media, LLC is happy to announce a pilot program to syndicate aois21 podcasts to an internet radio station in a daily, 30-minute format. The partnership with BlogTalkRadio will allow aois21 to reach a new market and share some of our evergreen audio content again.

Launching in late May, aois21 presents will be a half-hour audio show showcasing new and old podcast episodes. A full schedule will be announced soon, anchored by Literally This Week each Monday. Tuesday night will be poetry night, with bundled episodes of Passion on the Page. Over the course of 90 days, no content will be repeated.

New content from The World’s Only Podcast and Between the Beltways will be released just after regular release, while other aois21 podcasts will be released on a set schedule, mixing old and new episodes. Expect to find audio from aois21 Creatives Evan Tucker and Aylin Vega on a weekly schedule, with regular contributions from other Creatives and shows.

This will be our second attempt at working with online radio after a six-month agreement for weekly release of Aylin Vega’s Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed on WDLS Internet Radio. This new agreement will not currently include any live shows, but may in the future, depending on listener feedback. All aois21 podcasts will continue to post as scheduled on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn, and Spotify.

“Our audio content has been our strongest growth area, and this just allows it to grow even more,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s publisher. “This gives us the opportunity to not only share past programming, but also create new innovative audio for a live audience.”

New podcast coming May 1st - Monthly series features aois21's Ian Roberts & Josh Silberman

aois21 publishing, LLC announced today a new addition to its podcasting lineup, a monthly series hosted by aois21 Creative Ian Roberts and aois21 IT consultant Joshua Silberman.

The World’s Only Podcast, subtitled “The Only Podcast in the World,” will be released on the 1st of each month and will feature a lively commentary between Roberts and Silberman on several topics that came up during the previous month. Each will give their unique views on news of the day in a civil and respectable debate studded with their entertaining opinions and attempts at humor.

The podcast is being hosted by Podomatic and will be available on iTunes, Stitcher radio, Google Play, and online at You can keep up with Roberts on twitter @IRobertsWriter and his blog at Silberman just launched his twitter @Silby_Says. This will be the 5th podcast in the aois21 podcast network, along with Passion on the Page, Publish Me!, Literally This Week, and Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed with the Modern Whore. These podcasts and the aois21 video series can be found at

“There's never been a podcast before, as far as anyone knows. That's why it's the World's Only one,” said Ian. “So we don't entirely know what this is yet, but we're grateful to aois21 for taking this bold step with us and we hope that listeners will be entertained by it.”


About aois21 publishing, LLC

aois21 publishing, LLC is a marketing and publishing firm organized to help self-published authors market their stories and help others develop their ideas into the next bestseller. By fully leveraging cloud-based technology, social media, and existing online distribution markets, aois21 Creatives will find their work available worldwide and have a partner that believes in the power of the story and wants to help them tell it.

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First Look: Check out the cover for Aylin Vega's "Dating" As Told By The Modern Whore

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to  introduce you to the next eBook release from aois21 publishing, Aylin Vega's "Dating" As Told By The Modern Whore:


“Dating” As Told By The Modern Whore, is a non-fiction collection of the most scandalous and humorous stories from her dating and sex life. It is a reflective look on modern dating and the stories serve to highlight the new age of relationships for twenty-something singles and the shifts from old-fashioned courtship. Hilarious and risqué, the collection offers a sex-positive and celebratory perspective of hyper-activity and enlightens readers on the new trends and practices.

The cover art was created by Aylin Vega in consultation with the aois21 design team. It features an exclusive photograph by Ed Whitbeck.

This new release will be available for Preorder on Tuesday, February 10th, just in time for Valentine's Day. You can order it through the aois21 market or from Pubslush. Additional outlets will come available as we approach final release. If you Preorder through us or Pubslush, you'll get it at the special discounted rate of $6.49. The eBook download returns to its regular price of $6.99 after that. Order your copy today and be ready to experience a new kind of Dating.

aois21 publishing announces two new podcast series

Audio-only series will promote work and authors of new kind of publisher 

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announced today their first foray into audio promotion with the launch of two podcast series, Publish Me! and Passion on the Page. 


Publish Me! is a process podcast series following the publication of the fantasy novel, The Will of the Magi, by Paul Dickinson Russell. Released on the 7th of each month, it will be hosted by aois21 executive officer Keith F. Shovlin and Russell, a new aois21 Creative. Each episode, Keith and Paul will discuss the writing process and share details about the book, including new passages and character development. Once Paul’s manuscript is complete, the podcast will welcome guests to discuss next steps. Guests will include aois21 editor in chief Corey Parker on the editing process and chief of development Camie Rodan on marketing strategy. Subscribe to get insight into everything that goes into turning an idea into a thrilling fantasy novel.


Passion on the Page is a poetry podcast featuring aois21 Creatives and guest poets. To be released every 21 days, it will feature the voice work of aois21 advisor Maphon Ashmon introducing each poet. The poets themselves, or a selected reader, will then read a select poem and give insight into its background or deeper meaning. The podcast will regularly feature the work of aois21 Creatives Shiella Bowler (What This Black Woman Knows), Bianca Palmisano (The Empty Spaces), and Philip J. Sipkov (Early Thoughts of a Young Man). Guest poets will also be invited to submit, with preference first given to those that contribute to the aois21 annual literary magazine. 

Both podcasts are being hosted by Soundcloud and will be available on iTunes, Stitcher radio, and online at To keep up with Keith and Paul about the Publish Me! podcast, aois21 has launched a Facebook page ( and a twitter feed (@PublishPodcast). 

“This podcast is an amazing opportunity and one that I am looking forward to diving into with Keith and the rest of the team at aois21,” said Paul Dickinson Russell. “I am ecstatic for everything that this process represents and humbly thank Keith and the rest of the team at aois21 for everything that they have done, and will do, while we go on this journey together.”

“We’ve been preparing for this next step for some time now,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s executive officer. “We believe these two podcasts fill a niche in the podcasting world and will help spread the message about our wonderful authors and also bring us closer to other writers out there looking for a publisher that embraces all opportunities.”