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New site reflects company's shifting focus

After months of work by aois21 Chief Technology Officer Joshua Silberman, the has launched this week. This new site is built around the three parts of aois21 media: audio, video, and publishing.
Right from the front page you'll see our wide-ranging focus in view as the front gallery features the three attributes that make up our company. Under aois21 video, all of aois21 video series now have their own full pages with embedded episodes from YouTube.
Under aois21 audio, all eight of our podcast series are presented in a user-friendly format, allowing easy access to past episodes and ways to reach out. Each page also includes links to the Patreon page for aois21 and our pages on Advertisecast so you can support the network through sponsorship or advertising.
Click on the aois21 publishing image for a gallery of all aois21 titles linked to the aois21 market. The updated Creatives pages also include links to the other places across the web where you can order our titles.
More updates will be made as the site moves along. In the meantime, please take a look and feel free to email if you find any problems!