First Look: The Will of the Magi!

Gainer's design released as fantasy epic due out this summer

As was teased in last week's episode of the Publish Me! podcast, feast your eyes on the cover art for The Will of the Magi by Paul Dickinson Russell. The completed design, by aois21 designer Rana Gainer, envisions the stone monolith that the hero Aiden comes upon early in his adventure and then comes back to later on.

Gainer drew her inspiration for the cover after reading the first 10 chapters and seeing the strong Celtic influence on Russell's work. In a previous episode of the podcast, she pitched this idea to Paul and he immediately jumped at the idea, especially considering the shadowy nature of his main character's appearance.

It has been a long process to get to this point, as has been documented through the two years of the Publish Me! podcast. The book is written, the Indiegogo campaign is funded, the editing is underway, and now, we have a cover. Is it an image that tells 250,000 words? It at least will introduce you to a book of that length.

If you haven't already, preorder your copy today through the Indiegogo campaign and you could even get a framed print of the cover art!