From the Publisher: It's all about the Creatives!

aois21 has been fortunate over the past two years to have collected together a diverse and eclectic group of authors with vivid imaginations, skills with words, and the drive to put their dreams into reality as seen in the aois21 catalog. As we approach our second birthday at the beginning of May, we have decided that it is time to focus on these Creatives and give our all to help them succeed.

And so today, aois21 publishing is no longer taking any submissions for new Creatives. We are a small company and believe our efforts are best used in promoting those authors we have currently signed. We do have several authors that we have begun early developmental talks with. We will still continue those discussions so new Creatives may still be forthcoming, but any new submissions will be set aside for another time.
The past month has been difficult with Keith's unfortunate illness causing several projects and programs to take a break. This has given us a chance to reconsider some of our endeavors. We will continue to promote our self-publisher services through ePress21, but not through the central aois21 imprint.

This does not mean that the aois21 catalog will remain static though. In addition to several authors we are still in talk with, we are also eager to work with our current Creatives on a number of possible projects that we hope to share with you soon.

So let's take the time to celebrate the excellent work of Shiella Bowler, Dr. Deepan Chatterjee, Michael B. Judkins, James D. King, Joshua M. Morgan, Shayla Morris, Bianca Palmisano, Ian Roberts, Paul Dickinson Russell, Philip J. Sipkov, Aylin Vega, and Keith F. Shovlin.