Get more Tales more often

Podcast will now be appearing weekly with shorter runtime

The Tales from the Old New Land podcast series has fallen short of its original monthly plan but is now refocused and will be releasing weekly, starting last Thursday.
Each Thursday now, Tales will be released in 20 to 30 minute episodes comprised of a section of the next tale, a musical piece, and a comedy sketch such as an interview or setup. Currently the series is taking a multi-episode trip through Tale 5 - Chosen Family. While Tale 4 was released in one epic 2 hour episode, Tale 5 will be cut up in 15 minute bits allowing faster processing time and easier consumption.
Host A.C. Charlap is continuing to work on upcoming tales as well as the accompanying sketches. Take a moment and subscribe today for his unique approach to Prairie Home Companion, built on his Jewish upbringing in Baltimore.

Visit the Tales page at to listen and subscribe today!