Joshua M. Morgan signs with aois21 for second book

New children’s book will follow successful launch of debut title Pockets

Mount Vernon, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announces today the signing of Joshua M. Morgan for his second book, a children’s story titled Daddy Come Home. Morgan’s debut book, Pockets, was released March 31st to high acclaim and will follow it up with his second work in early 2016.

Joshua M. Morgan is a happily married father of two living north of Pittsburgh. He is a devoted family man when not working as a technology consultant, photographer or systems engineer. After telling stories to friends and family about the conversations he has with his sons, he decided to turn them into children’s books, beginning with Pockets in Spring 2015.

Morgan’s story, Daddy Come Home, revolves around the flurry of activity that hits his household before he comes home from work. The back and forth between his wife and his two sons include the boys imagining him in a variety of jobs. Created in the same style as his first book, Pockets, Morgan continues to share the world of wonder created by a child’s imagination and the love two young boys have for their father.

"Working with Joshua M. Morgan has been an incredible experience,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s executive officer. "Just as were putting the finishing touches on his debut work, Pockets, he came to us with the idea for his next book and we are excited to continue this adventure with him."


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