Services for hire on Fiverr

aois21 and ePress21 offerings are being added to site

aois21 and ePress21 services are now available on the work for hire site Fiverr. As part of our attempt to build a customer base, we will be listing a number of our short-turnaround services on various sites. Our past history with Fiverr made it the logical choice for the first site to gain our listings.
The Gigs now available on Fiverr are focused on support and promotion. Just as on our ePress21 site, anyone looking for professional podcast support can get that for just $40 per episode. If you have a manuscript you want turned into an eBook, our eConversion service is now a gig. If you are looking to promote your book, we are offering a gig with a discounted package of promotion read by one of our audio staff.
More gigs will be posted in the coming weeks, including other services such as cover design and ads for the upcoming aois21 annual.
To take a look at our offerings, visit our page on Fiverr today!