Statement by Keith F. Shovlin of aois21 publishing in support of Bianca Palmisano

Here at aois21 publishing, we are committed to helping others share their stories with the world. We have been fortunate to work with poet Bianca Palmisano over the past three years, supporting her poetry collections as well as her own business venture, Intimate Health Consulting. We have partnered with Intimate Health Consulting, which has supported several series on the aois21 podcast network.

When I read the “article” disparaging Bianca in her attempt to educate teens and preteens about sexual health, I was greatly dismayed. This attempt to paint Bianca’s actions as immoral or reprehensible is in itself reprehensible. Study after study has shown that education is key to a person successfully growing into a moral and responsible member of the community.

In the days since the “article” was posted, Bianca has received a welcome amount of support from friends and colleagues, but also increased derision and ignorant criticism. We stand by and support Bianca in her attempts to make these children feel accepted and comfortable in their bodies. Not only will we continue to promote her work, but we will also continue to feature Intimate Health Consulting on our podcast series. She is providing an important service to the community, and we will not allow close-mindedness and anger to keep her from doing that.


# # #

Keith F. Shovlin, Publisher and Chief Creative, aois21 publishing