Valentine's Day

"Dating" going to print

Top-selling eBook will be printed-on-demand by

aois21 is launching a series of print runs through print on demand of aois21 titles currently available only as eBooks. “Dating” as Told by the Modern Whore, by Aylin Vega, is first out, available soon from
With a planned release date of Valentine’s Day and a release party to follow in Washington, DC, the tales of the Modern Whore will continue to spread. What started as a

blog and then became a top-selling eBook, followed by a podcast and a radio show, will now be available in print and in bookstores across the DC area.Readers will be able to purchase copies directly from and get a specially printed copy. Copies will also be available from aois21 directly at upcoming events such as book fairs and readings.
Other titles upcoming in this series include HIVE: Battle at the Dog Star by James D. King, Will This Be On The Final? by Bianca Palmisano, and The Magnus and the Maiden by Philip J. Sipkov, with illustrations by Rebecca Head. This expansion into print will allow these titles to break into an industry on the rebound and make their words available to another group of readers, and also give the authors more opportunities to meet the reading public with events at bookstores and fairs.