Thank you to our 2018 aois21 annual contributors

Submissions were low due to link error, falling interest

The 2018 aois21 annual is being distributed soon to preorders and contributors, but wanted to take a moment to thank all those who are taking part in this year's magazine, the final edition of the crowdfunded zine.
In poetry, we feature several poems by poet and musician Gareth Phillips. In short stories, aois21 Creatives James D. King and Deepan Chatterjee, Ph.D, are joined by previous contributor Boris Glebov. Throughout the annual, we once again have images from around the world by Adam Wallick. Capping it all off are videos from Keith F. Shovlin, in addition to a new poem, and the video introduction.
Submissions were steeply down from past years, possibly due to a technical glitch with the submission form on the aois21 annual page. The glitch was not resolved until the final week of the initial submission period. Though the period was extended two weeks, it did not result in a considerable number of submissions.
Visit the aois21 market today and reserve your copy and show your support for all of these excellent contributors!Thank you to our 2018 aois21 annual contributors