Two new podcasts to launch

New educational series recorded live as classes by Evan Tucker

aois21 media is also announcing two new additions to its podcasting lineup, educational series from new aois21 Creative Evan Tucker both recorded as live classes.

History of the Symphony
Recorded at Grace Methodist Church in Baltimore, MD
The ability to hold a person's attention through music without text over a long span of time requires enormous contrasts, invention, discipline, and knowledge. A Symphony is an attempt to fuse the very best of extremely diverse elements of music and pay tribute to the millions of different sounds and forms and contents and cultures which music can show us. The Symphony is a musical democracy through which every kind and possibility of music's meaning is sounded together in dialogue with one another, and it's the ultimate musical, and perhaps even poetic, statement of a culture that means to live together in peace. 

Modern Jewish Literature
Recorded at Beth Am Synagogue in Baltimore, MD
Books by Jews and about Jews, their relationships to other Jews, to gentiles, to their communities, to their Jewish communities, and to the community of nations. Kafka, Babel, Aleichem, Singer, Bellow, Malamud, Roth, Ozick, Grossman, Oz, Levi, Wiesel – they’ll all be there, ready to kvetch and kibbitz their ways into your souls and help you live more interestingly, more meaningfully, more Jewishly.

The podcasts are being hosted by Podomatic and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, TuneIn, and at These will be the ninth and tenth podcasts in the aois21 podcast network, and will be released monthly.

These podcasts will soon be available at