Use Patreon to show your support for aois21 podcasts

New partnerships allow targeted donations for individual series

Listeners to any of the aois21 podcast series can now show their support through monetary pledges on Patreon, a service used throughout the Podcasting industry.
With more and longer episodes of some podcasts being released, the need to upgrade to paid accounts on Podomatic and other services sharply increase the cost of production of the podcasts. As it is, very little is spent on advertising and very few sponsors have stepped forward at this time.
So we therefore turn to the listeners to ask for donations as small as $1 to help defray the costs of hosting. By doing this, we insure that all past episodes of each series remain available. The Publish Me! podcast is already on a Pro account with Podomatic and Sexed Vexed Perplexed will need one soon. So, in order to keep past episodes online, some support is needed.
As a Patreon supporter, you will be recognized on the podcast of your choice, in addition to Literally This Week, and you will be added to the aois21 supporters page. There will also be special episodes and supplementals available just for Patreon supporters.
To find out more and show your support today, visit aois21's page at


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