December 2017

The World’s Only Podcast is here to bring the top news as Ian and Josh give you their own unfiltered and congenial feedback. This month the boys discussed political opposition to Trump, sexual harassment and assault, Twitter's expansion of its character limit, and the new "Justice League" movie. Follow them on Twitter, Josh @Silby_Says and Ian @IRobertsWriter. This episode is brought to you by our annual #GiveABook campaign. This year we are encouraging you to get out and visit your local independent bookstore to find a book for the ones you love. We’ll be at Walls of Books in Washington, DC, for a series of events that celebrate the power of the story and encourage reading and sharing with all. Find out more at and It is also brought to you by the Indiegogo campaign to bring Michael B. Judkins's poetry to the stage. Visit to pledge your support and help fulfill Michael’s vision. It's also sponsored by "Nos Populus" by Ian Roberts. Available from Amazon, the aois21 market, and everywhere books are sold. Find us on Podomatic, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, TuneIn, and our home on the web, And now at