Chapter 6 - Story Management

In this month's episode, Keith and Paul are joined by Novelist Ian Roberts, author of Nos Populus, to discuss story management and structure, yet somehow fit in a lengthy talk of Marvel vs. DC and Choose Your Own Adventure stories. If you want to weigh in on the conversation, tweet to us @PublishPodcast and find us on We're even on Pinterest too!

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UPDATE: So we've heard some feedback about this month's episode, specifically that a literary podcast can talk about a movie based on a book and give short shrift to the book, not even mentioning the author's name. I apologize for not further discussing the excellent novel by Michael Chabon, a fellow Pittsburgh native. I couldn't recall his name and didn't want to get it wrong during the conversation and I regret that. So, in addition to recommending the movie starring Michael Douglas, I also recommend reading Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. - Keith