making a statement: we are

What is aois21?

What we are, first and foremost, is a marketing company.

We take your product, we fine tune it, test it with possible customers and then we give it a proper image. We decide on how best to present it and then we unleash it on the world. The difference is the product we're working on is a book, a short story, a written expression of your hopes and desires.

Creators that come to us, come with their lives in their stories. We will work with you through the editing process to ensure that your stories get out there the way you want them to be told. We'll work with you on cover designs and marketing programs. We'll help you write a tag line or create an advertising plan. We'll launch your Facebook page, twitter feed, tumblr, website, or whatever is the next frontier in social media. We do this because we believe in you and we believe in your story.

Every person has a story, whether it be their life story or other lessons they want to pass along. We'll take that story, that book that is hidden down inside of you and we will bring it out. No matter the genre. No matter the concept. No matter the subject. We will make it real.

The only question that remains,

What do you want your story to be?