At this time, aois21 is no longer accepting book submissions. You are welcome to visit our ePress21 site for help with editing, cover design, eBook release, and distribution.

Standard Book Submissions

All submissions are private and will only be shared within company staff prior to acceptance of submission. Our primary mission is to support self-published authors to transition to, or support, electronic release. We are also accepting submissions for new, unpublished works. If accepted, authors will be asked to sign a letter of agreement for five years of exclusive electronic publishing rights. This agreement will include a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

  • We do not "buy" books. Since we are new in the publishing field, we are unable to give authors advances or purchase manuscripts at this time. We sign agreements to distribute and promote books with authors, and we only cover electronic rights.

  • Manuscripts can only be received electronically through contact with the Creative Adjacent after acceptance of the publishing agreement. Manuscripts should not be submitted without a publishing agreement in place. Any such submission will be ignored.

  • Contact us:

                                            aois21 publishing

                                            PO Box 129

                                            Mount Vernon, VA 22121

  • We only deal with authors directly, not with literary agents.

  • Check back as we continue to fine-tune this policy!

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