Everyone has an opportunity to be an author, to share his or her story. We recognize that, and that the traditional publishing market is not able to handle the crush of new authors, let alone how to market them. So these new authors have broken out; they’ve broken out of a system that only rewards the market-tested, generic, universally approved wordsmiths. They’ve taken their stories into their own hands and let them loose, but now they are alone. 

This is the world we are coming into, and the one we want to take an important place in. Those authors don’t have to be alone. Those authors have already poured their souls into their books. They’ve spent hour after hour crafting the narrative, discerning the story, choosing the words, and bringing it all to stunning conclusion. They’ve written the books; they shouldn’t have to beg for publishers to make those books accessible to readers. We will help them to the finish line, work with them to make their literature ready for unveiling to the world, and make sure to expose these works to as many readers as possible. 

We will be the alternative, the people who are there to help you when the traditional publisher paid no attention. We will pick you up where the “print-on-demand” or independent publishers dropped you off. We will do it all for only the most basic of costs, so that our staff is compensated fairly for the work they perform for you. We will tie ourselves to your sales, so that we have just as much riding on our marketing and promotions as you do. We may not be part of your story, but we will do everything we can to share it. Our clients are the ultimate decision makers, hence our tagline: 

"What do you want your story to be?"

aois21 is a media company for a new age of reading, so the name is a mixture of the new and the old. The word aois is taken from Irish Gaelic and translates as age or century, so, in effect, the name is a variation of Century 21.

It goes beyond that, though, when you consider the joint Scottish heritage of the word and you discover the aois-dana, which translates as “people of the arts.” From wikipedia:

The Aois-dàna were held in high esteem throughout the Scottish Highlands. As late as the end of the 17th century, they sat in the sreath or circle among the nobles and chiefs of families. They took the preference of the ollamh or doctor in medicine. After the extinction of the druids, they were brought in to preserve the genealogy of families, and to repeat genealogical traditions at the succession of every chieftain. They had great influence over all the powerful men of the time. Their persons, their houses, their villages, were sacred. Whatever they asked was given them; not always, however, out of respect, but from fear of their satire, which frequently followed a denial of their requests.

We proudly continue the spirit of the people of the arts as we move further into the 21st Century.