aois21 annual: Submissions open Tuesday!

Fourth aois21 annual will be electronic only

On Tuesday, August 1st, submissions will open for the fourth aois21 annual! This edition will be electronic-only continuing our exploration of eZine formatting. Submissions are welcome, but not limited to, poetry, short stories, essays, book excerpts, photography, artwork, and audio and video content.

The new annual will be produced in iBooks Author and will allow instant connection between an author's contribution and other online content, whether it be a website, portfolio, social media, or other online presence. With video and audio content, it opens up a whole new dimension to the literary magazine, allowing people to see and hear the wonderful work that is shared with us.

Each year we have welcomed submissions from around the globe and have even included authors and artists that have gone on to bigger things. 2015 annual contributor Brendan Loper has recently been published in the New Yorker. Poet Michael B. Judkins, who also contributed to the 2015 annual, became an aois21 Creative last year.

You have until the end of the month to get your submissions in. Not everyone will be accepted, and submissions must be original work that has not been published elsewhere.

For more information, visit and share your talents with the world!