aois21 publishing announces new monthly podcast series

New audio series features aois21 Creative and occasional guests

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announced today a new addition to its podcasting lineup, a monthly series hosted by aois21 Creative Aylin Vega, inspired by her book “Dating” as told by the Modern Whore.

Sexed, Vexed, Perplexed with the Modern Whore will be released on the 28th of each month and will feature Vega sharing intimate details about her experiences. Some episodes will also feature guests discussing their own experiences. Each episode, like Aylin's book, is a reflective look on modern dating, sexuality, and the occasional illicit substance. Between writing her book and honing her craft on the stand-up stage, Aylin brings her hilarious and risqué stories to the podcast airwaves

The podcast is being hosted by Podomatic and will be available on iTunes, Stitcher radio, and online at You can keep up with Aylin on twitter @themodernwhore and on tumbler at This will be the fourth podcast in the aois21 podcasting network, along with Passion on the Page, a poetry podcast released every three weeks, Publish Me!, a podcast exploring the process of writing and publishing a book, released on the 7th of each month, and Literally This Week, a weekly news roundup available each Monday.

“I am thrilled to find a new medium to share my experiences and opinions,” said Vega. “From print, to stand up comedy, and now the airwaves, the Modern Whore is spreading (no pun intended). I hope it’s a funny way to brighten your day and keep us talking about the risqué.”

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aois21 publishing, LLC is a marketing and publishing firm organized to help self-published authors market their stories and help others develop their ideas into the next bestseller. By fully leveraging cloud-based technology, social media, and existing online distribution markets, aois21 Creatives will find their work available worldwide and have a partner that believes in the power of the story, and wants to help them tell it.

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