aois21 resolves to . . .

In new year, aois21 maps plan to grow market and catalog

aois21 launched with a mission to be a different kind of publisher, and to provide our Creatives with the support necessary to make them a success. To do that properly, we must always be moving forward, and, to that end, we hereby make these resolutions for 2017:

  • Bring several of our eBooks to a larger audience by doing short print runs with print on demand services. Print is not dead and our Creatives should be able to reach as wide of an audience as possible. 
  • Grow the aois21 catalog to 21 titles. With American Presidents at War, Daddy Come Home, and The Will of the Magi already planned for 2017 release, we hope to add at least one more to shelf.
  • Release a fourth aois21 annual with new authors and new contributions that stretch the boundaries of electronic release. Each year has seen growth in variety and opportunities for contributions. Digital sees few limits.
  • Expand our media presence through increased listenership and new topics. New podcast offerings plus continued growth and distribution of our core network will grow our market share and lead us to new opportunities.
  • Help more people answer the question, “What do you want your book to be?” Because we'll never stop asking.