It's over: The Will of the Magi funded on Indiegogo!

Campaign reached goal two weeks early on author's birthday

The two-month-long Indiegogo campaign to fund the editing and cover design of The Will of the Magi has ended! We are happy to announce that the campaign exceeded its goal and raised $1,786 in total from 43 contributors.
Due to the success of the campaign, the page remains live as an "InDemand" campaign though all of the perks have changed. I you missed out, you can still preorder your copy of The Will of the Magi, in eBook, paperback, or hardcover, or even claim a color print of the cover art, now through release this summer.
Author Paul Dickinson Russell has been sharing his thanks on Facebook and through the Publish Me! podcast for the past month. On the next edition, Keith and Paul will review the campaign and map out the timeline for the months to come. They will also welcome designer Rana Gainer for an update on the cover design process and a discussion of how to create a gripping book cover. That episode will be available February 7th.
For now we would like to thank each of the 43 backers, in order of their donations:

  • Brad Walchuk

  • Megan Lacey

  • David Silberman (2)

  • Ghysleim Rivas

  • Professor Candy

  • Sollunam

  • Dana L. Dickinson

  • Lisa Arpino

  • Rachel Walsh (2)

  • Barbara J. Dickinson

  • Michele Melendez

  • William Walton

  • Christian Alfaro

  • Sarah Leach

  • The Griffin Family

  • Thad Russell

  • Michael Spiesbach

  • Rhys Fussell

  • Amy Anjum

  • Daniel Rufolo

  • Natalie Knickerbocker

  • Bob and Tina Kahle

  • Ramadansm

  • Samuel Russell

  • Doris Dickinson

  • Vinnie Reo

  • Lauri Dewar

  • Lord Reginald Forthwerthy III

  • Robert Wood

  • Brendan Schaffer

  • Justin MacPherson

  • Danielle Bisson

  • Matt Olsen

  • John Idlor

  • P'atallie, and

  • 6 Anonymous donors

If you still want to be part of it but missed out on the campaign, visit Indiegogo.comor the Publish Me! page for a link and preorder your copy today!