aois21 publishing signs writer Dr. Deepan Chatterjee

Clinical Psychologist’s book will be converted for digital market

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announced today the signing of Deepan Chatterjee as an aois21 Creative. Dr. Chatterjee is the author of The First Prophetical, and he will be working with aois21 to convert it into an eBook and promote it online and throughout the DC area.

The First Prophetical is a collection of short fiction and poetry where all the stories and poems have common psychological thread running through them. Dr. Chatterjee released the collection in 2013 through Emma House Publishers and Lulu.com and with cover art designed by renowned Indian artist, Mr. Suchibrata Deb.

“Dr. Deepan Chatterjee shares a voice and a view that invite readers to listen and see,” said Janice Lynch-Schuster, senior writer for the Altarum Institute in Washington, DC. “He melds his professional experiences as a clinical psychologist with his creative skills, creating a collection of fiction and poetry that reflects his compassion, his insight, and his imagination.”

This is Dr. Chatterjee’s first published collection, though he has been writing poetry and short fiction since he was a teenager. He has won national and regional awards for his writing and it has been featured in newspapers, literary magazines, and even art exhibitions, such as “Poets and Painters” at The Artist’s Gallery, in Columbia, MD. Dr. Chatterjee will also be taking part in aois21’s poetry podcast series, Passion on the Page.

Originally from Calcutta, India, Dr. Chatterjee is currently a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Maryland. He has over 13 years’ experience in providing diagnostic evaluations, individual, family and group psychotherapy, crisis counseling, psychopharmacological consults, as well as psychological assessment services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, geriatric adults, families and criminal offenders. He has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented seminars and workshops to professionals on topics of immigrant psychology, addiction, optimism, and dual diagnosis at several major conferences

"We are honored to have the opportunity to work with a writer of Dr. Chatterjee’s esteem," said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s executive officer. "He is an excellent example of how everyone has a story in them. Together we will help share his stories with a wider market.”

aois21 publishing announces two new podcast series

Audio-only series will promote work and authors of new kind of publisher 

MOUNT VERNON, VA – aois21 publishing, LLC announced today their first foray into audio promotion with the launch of two podcast series, Publish Me! and Passion on the Page. 


Publish Me! is a process podcast series following the publication of the fantasy novel, The Will of the Magi, by Paul Dickinson Russell. Released on the 7th of each month, it will be hosted by aois21 executive officer Keith F. Shovlin and Russell, a new aois21 Creative. Each episode, Keith and Paul will discuss the writing process and share details about the book, including new passages and character development. Once Paul’s manuscript is complete, the podcast will welcome guests to discuss next steps. Guests will include aois21 editor in chief Corey Parker on the editing process and chief of development Camie Rodan on marketing strategy. Subscribe to get insight into everything that goes into turning an idea into a thrilling fantasy novel.


Passion on the Page is a poetry podcast featuring aois21 Creatives and guest poets. To be released every 21 days, it will feature the voice work of aois21 advisor Maphon Ashmon introducing each poet. The poets themselves, or a selected reader, will then read a select poem and give insight into its background or deeper meaning. The podcast will regularly feature the work of aois21 Creatives Shiella Bowler (What This Black Woman Knows), Bianca Palmisano (The Empty Spaces), and Philip J. Sipkov (Early Thoughts of a Young Man). Guest poets will also be invited to submit, with preference first given to those that contribute to the aois21 annual literary magazine. 

Both podcasts are being hosted by Soundcloud and will be available on iTunes, Stitcher radio, and online at media.aois21.com. To keep up with Keith and Paul about the Publish Me! podcast, aois21 has launched a Facebook page (Facebook.com/PublishPodcast) and a twitter feed (@PublishPodcast). 

“This podcast is an amazing opportunity and one that I am looking forward to diving into with Keith and the rest of the team at aois21,” said Paul Dickinson Russell. “I am ecstatic for everything that this process represents and humbly thank Keith and the rest of the team at aois21 for everything that they have done, and will do, while we go on this journey together.”

“We’ve been preparing for this next step for some time now,” said Keith F. Shovlin, aois21’s executive officer. “We believe these two podcasts fill a niche in the podcasting world and will help spread the message about our wonderful authors and also bring us closer to other writers out there looking for a publisher that embraces all opportunities.”