2018 aois21 annual hits the web this weekend

Fifth and final edition of the literary magazine on sale Sunday

Deadline is here and the staff and Creatives of aois21 are busy putting together the fifth and final edition of the aois21 annual. Submissions were light, owing partially to a technical glitch on the submission form, but we're still proud to present several great works from aois21 Creatives and friends.
We'll have the full list next week as part of the rollout of the magazine. Individual contributors are being contacted about availability to appear at the rollout event, Friday night at 6 pm at Walls of Books in Washington, DC. Come on out and join us as we celebrate their great work as well as the work of our staff and Creatives in assembling this edition.
Time is running out to preorder your copy and save half off! Visit the aois21 market now!